Thermo Fisher XRD

ARL Equinox 1000
ARL Equinox 1000
ARL Equinox 3000
ARL Equinox 3000
ARL Equinox 5000
ARL Equinox 5000


  • Table Top XRD
  • Standard XRD
  • GA XRD
  • Thin film XRD
  • Texture XRD
  • High Temperature XRD
  • Low Temperature XRD
  • Auto Sampler
  • Capillary sample testing
  • XRR system
  • Real time Kinetics
  • SAXS
  • Insitu studies
  • Curved position Sensitive Detector
  • Detector for Synchrotron Beam line 

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  • Most versatile, fast and powerful research grade X-Ray Diffractometer.
  • Real time In-situ measurements.
  • The unique Curved Position Sensitive 1D Detector is very much suitable for high speed simultaneous data collection in real time 0 to 120° / 90° /2Ѳ angular range.
  • Reflection & Transmission mode with simple movements.
  • Excellent low angle analytical capability
    More number of samples can be analysed within the stipulated period.
  • Wide range of working wavelengths are available ( Cu, Co, Cr, Mo, Ag, etc..) specific to Model. please enquire.
  • X-Ray Optics with Germanium 111 Monochromator for High resolution with Pure Kα1 radiation.

              ARL Equinox 100

                ARL Equinox 1000

               ARL Equinox 3000

               ARL Equinox 5000

ARL Equinox 100 XRD Real Time Data Collection


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