Crystal Growth Systems.

Crystal Systems Corporation (CSC) is the top and only one supplier of optical floating zone furnaces using four mirror systems . The optical floating zone furnace has a wide range of applications for the study of both single crystal growth and phase diagram. Our four mirror systems can achieve very uniform temperature profile around the horizontal plane which should be one of the most important factors for the growth of high-quality single crystals by the floating zone method. Furthermore, our four mirror systems use mirrors made of glass, and SCR power control unit, which greatly reduce the weight, size and production cost. With its highest quality of the products, Crystal Systems Corporation has more than 70% market share in the global market.

Single Crystal
Optical floating Zone Furnace
Optical floating Zone Furnace
Vertical Furnace with Crucible Lifter
Bridgman Furnace
Bridgman Furnace
Crystal Cutter & Polisher
Crystal Cutter & Polisher

Products for Single Crystal Growth

  • Optical Floating Zone Furnace (Shaft seal:O-ring type)
  • Optical Floating Zone Furnace (Shaft seal:Magnetic Liquid type)
  • Laser Floating Zone Furnace
  • High pressure model of Laser Floating Zone Furnace 
  • Xenon Super High Temperature Furnace 
  • High Melting Point Glassifing Furnace
  • Bridgman Furnace 
  • High Temperature MoSi2 Electric Furnace 
  • Vertical Furnace with Rotational Lifter 
  • Single Crystal Sample Rod Manufacturing Equipment 
  • Desktop Crystal Cutter with Goniometer 
  • Desktop Crystal Polisher 
  • Roller Quenching Equipment 
  • After Heater Unit
  • Single Crystals

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