Glassy Carbon Products

Glassy carbon rods

Standard size  Dia: – 1mm , 2mm , 3mm , 5mm , 6mm  , 7mm , 8mm  , 9 mm , 10mm ……

Standard lengths : 50mm , 100mm , 200mm , 400mm…..

Glassy Carbon plates

Glassy carbon powder

Glassy carbon tube

Glassy Carbon Boats, crucibles , Cylindrical ,  Crystal Growth , etc

glassy carbon rod
Glassy Carbon Rod
Glassy Carbon Plate
GCE Rods
GCE Film 60µm, 100µm, 140µm and 180µm thick
GCE Powder Fine Grained
GCE Powder Spherical
GCE Powder Splintered
GCE Crucibles and Boats

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