Double Additive type
Double Substractive type

Spectral Range (nm): 250-700nm or 500-2000nm
Optical Resolution (nm) : < 1
Stray Light : 10E-4
Dispersion (nm/mm) :8
Wavelength Accuracy (± nm) :1.0

Wavelength Reproducibility (± nm) : 0.25
Optical Axis Height (mm) : 76.2
Maximum Grating Size (mm) :32 x 32
Number of Gratings : 1 per monochromator
Grating Types : Concave Holographic

Configuring info
250mm type
Half meter f/8 Type

The Sciencetech standard series monochromators offer a flexible and customizable choice of monochromator with the full functionality afforded by motorized wavelength control and a multiple grating turret. The design features asymmetric Czerny-Turner optical layout, using up to 3 plane-ruled gratings with an f/3.5 aperture. An adjustable slit is included for the input port. Additional slit options and several accessories are available.

Please refer the catalog for detailed specifications & Options.

High Resolution Echelle Spectrometer
Spectral line measurement from the 9150X showing picometer scale resolution

Please refer the catalog for the Detailed selection of components to achieve the desired specifications


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