SCIENCETECH offers a series of computer-controlled adjustable sources of monochromatic light, our Tunable Light Source (TLS) line. These complete plug-and-play systems vary by functional spectral range, optical resolution, intensity of output light, optical parameters of the output beam, coupling options, accessories, and by different extent of automation

The standard configuration of a TLS includes a lamp housing with Xe or QTH lamp, power supply with touchscreen, monochromator (1/8 or 1/4 meter), automated 6 position filter wheel (with 4 long pass filters) mounted to a metal breadboard to create a compact, fully assembled illuminator. Each system is pre-aligned during production and packaged with the system’s test data and detailed manual. Sciencetech’s tunable light sources are motorized instruments controlled by Sciencetech’s TLS software. LabView drivers are also available for purchase for integrating Sciencetech’s TLS systems into LabView experiments



  • Monochromatic light from 200 nm up to 2500 nm
  • Collimated, condensed, or coupled output light options. Light can be coupled to any optical system (including fibers and fiber bundles)
  • Adjustable optical resolution from20 nm down to 0.2 nm
  • Flexibility of optional features: full automation, various sources and monochromators and more


  • Absorption/transmission/reflectionmeasurement systems
  • An excitation light in fluorescence measurement systems
  • Eye protection products measurement system
  • PEC photochemistry measurement systems
  • Solar cell quantum efficiency measurement systems

Standard system

Each base model comes with standard features:

  • 1” collimated light output
  • Monochromator with two gratings
  • Motorized filter wheel with 4 long pass filters installed
  • Adjustable slits for optical bandpass control.
  • Adjustable computer controlled power supply (Xenon lamps only)
  • SciSpec software for controlling the monochromator and filter wheel.
  • Reinforced optical base plate

Customized Solutions

All components of the system, including the light source and monochromator, can be changed. Available light sources include continuous

  • Xe, Xe-Hg and Hg lamps from 75W-1.6 kW
  • QTH lamps 50 W-500 W
  • Dual deuterium/QTH source
  • Mid-IR sources up to 1700Kelvin
  • Available spectral range 180 nm – 10 um
  • Double subtractive and double additive monochromators
  • Monochromators up to 2.0 meter focal length