Solar Research

Solar Simulator

Solar Simulator from 1" dia ~ few meter illumination area. Class AAA, Class ABA, Class ACA, etc.., Continuous and Flash Type 150 watts ~ 2500 watts Xe Lamps.

XE Light Source

150 watts ~ 2500 watts, 1" ~ large area

Quantum Efficiency

EQE, IQE Systems with 300 ~ 2500 mm suitable for all kind of solar cell research.

Tunable Light Source

Pre aligned tunable light source for spectroscopic and other applications - 300 ~ 1500 mm range.


Customized Systems for EL, PL research.

Solar Simulator

Steady State Solar Simulators

Our range of Continuous Solar Simulators include Ultra High Efficiency solar Simulators, Fully Reflective Solar simulators, Low-Cost Solar Simulators, Highly Collimated Solar Simulators, Large Area Solar Simulators, UV Solar Simulators, Fiberized Solar Simulators, Workstation Solar Simulators

Flash Solar simulators

Our range of flash solar simulators include Large Area Flash Solar Simulators, Highly Collimated Flash solar Simulators,Concentrator Flash Solar Simulators

Xe Arc Light Sources

Xe Arc Light soures are available from 1" size to large sizes designed with 150w , 300w , 500W , 1000W, 2500W , 6000W Xe lamps .
Various Models are available.

Quantum Efficiency - ipce systems

Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (PTS-2-QE) allows for SR, QE and IV measurements with user friendly software. Further upgraded to IQE , etc

Large Area Solar illuminators

Large Area Solar illuminators LASi are used for Panel Testing . starting from 0.5m x 0.5m & no limit on area. Stack-able design.


Monochromators with various slit options, grating holders , various size gratings and focul length from 100mm ~1500mm. Also Dual Additive / Substractive types are available as per request.

Photo Voltaic Test Solutions

Includes IV characterization testers combined with various solar simulator & various accessories

Tunable Light Source

Tunable Light source is based on the Xe or QTH light source capable to out put 300~1800nm 1" dia light for various spectroscopic applications.

Custom Design solution

Sciencetech customised design & Manufacuturing includes the solar simulator for Space research , vehicle testing , Large Modular testing, trackers , simulation of customised light conditions, etc....... please write to us

Solar Simulator Applications & Fields of Study


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