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High-end high performance Electrochemical Workstation, Impedance Analyzer, Cell Kits and Complete Solar Cell Characterization package

Since 1976, ZAHNER-elektrik is producing Electrochemical Workstations at the edge of technology. The systems are highly praised for their exceptional accuracy, flexibility and reliability

  • Zennium E4 – 18 Bit A/D
  • Zennium Pro – 32 Bit A/D High Resolution type ,
  • Zennium X  – 32 Bit A/D  High Resolution type
Zennium E4
PP Series Power Pot/Gal -10V/20A or 20V/10A or 5V/40A
Electronic Load 200A/1000W , 100A / 300W
  • SC fill-factor efficencyCIMPS GUI
  • Maximum power
  • Intensity modulated photocurrent spectroscopy (IMPS)
  • Controlled IMPS (CIMPS)
  • Intensity modulated photovoltage spectroscopy (IMVS)
  • Controlled IMVS (CIMVS)
  • Charge extraction after N. W. Duffy, L. M. Peter et. al.
  • Light transient measurements
  • Time domain measurements
  • DC vs. intensity transfer functions
  • Chopped light voltammetry
IPCE 365~1020nm / 295~1020nm Quantum Efficiency
Absorbance measuring System 420~730nm / 360~1000nm / 220~1100nm
Emmision Measurement - examination of OPV, LED, OLED , etc
Fast Light Intensity Transients System for the investigation of fast kinetics in organic, dye sensitized and monolitic SC as well as OLEDs, OLECS, photosensors etc
Synchronous Multi Spectral DTR (OIS) with Parallel Impedance Measurement System - Ability to investigate electrochromic systems, displays, PDLCs, smart windows...


  • Multi channel Impedance Measuring System 
  • for Fuel cell stacks , Battery packs , etc
  • Maximum 17 Channels simultaneous measurements

Cell kits

  • Corrosion cell kits
  • Photo electrochemical cell Type1
  • Photo electrochemical cell Type2



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