Testing Services
Electrochemical sample Testing

A wide range of solutions that will meet any of your Electrochemical sample testing requirements.

  • Cyclic Voltammetry
  • All kind of Electrochemical experiments
  • EIS Testing
  • 4 Probe EIS
  • 2 Probe EIS
  • User Training On Electrochemistry
  • Differential Pulse voltammetry
  • Square wave voltammerty
  • Linear Sweep voltammetry
  • Solar cell Testing
  • Basis Training for the students with practical training
  • Coated sample testing
  • Film samples testing
  • Charge / Discharge testing for Battery, super cap, etc..,
  • EIS at various Temperatures

All the above services available at very nominal charges. For other tests please write to us.


For any inquiries please email