Electrochemistry Accessories

Complete range of Electrochemical Accessories, Cell kits & Electrodes

Accessories for Electrochemical voltammetry / polarography / RDE / spectroelectrochemistry / corrosion / MFC / PEMFC / DMFC / SOFC / Micro & nano tech studies, etc.

  • Pt Sheet electrode
  • Fuel cell components
  • Dual chamber cell
  • Reference Electrode
  • Glass frit for reference Electrodes
  • Glassy Carbon rod , sheets
  • Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Electron
  • Faraday Cage
  • Micro Cell Kits for voltammetry
  • Spectro electrochemical cell kit
  • 2 Electrode Through plane conductivity for Room Temperature or RT ~150 degC
  • Corrosion cell kit Vertical type for Room Temp.
  • Corrosion Cell kit for high temperature
  • Vycor® glass is porous glass with 40-200 Å diameter of pores
  • Plates , Sheets, Rods, Pellets
  • Glassy Carbon
  • Pt Coil
  • Counter Electrodes
  • Cu/CuSo4 Reference Electrode
  • Hg HgO Reference Electrode
  • Ag/AgCl reference Electrode
  • Polishing Kit
  • Voltammetry Working Electrodes
  • Faraday Cage
  • High temp Eis upto 1100 DegC
  • Powder & Solid Sample Holder, Raman Studies and other type of cell kits
  • Polarography Cell stand
  • Probostat for SOFC
  • Microbial fuel cell
  • Cells for Studying Co2 for Green energy
  • H cells from 50ml to 1000ml with various Options
  • Pt foil electrode
  • Glass Flat sample Holder for 3 samples
  • Cell kit for flat samples Acrylic type
  • Glassy Carbon rod , sheets
  • Bulk Electrolysis cell 1Litre
  • Flat sample Holder Bottle type
  • Low volume cell for sealed atmosphere with vaccum pump
  • 4 probe IN plane conductivity for Room Temperature or RT ~150degC
  • 2 electrode conductivity with more flexibility for Room Temp or RT ~150 degC
  • Corrosion cell kit Round bottom type for Room Temp
  • Powder & Solid Sample Holder, Raman Studies and other type of cell kits
  • Vycor Glass products
  • Cell Kits for Corrosion : Flat cell , Variable temperature , Multi Flat cell , Flat cell for Galvanic studies
  • Spectro Electrochemical Cell kit
  • Pt Wire
  • Embedded Reference Electrode for concrete embed application
  • Hg/Hg2So4 Reference Electrode
  • Calomel reference electrode
  • Reference Electrodes
  • Electrode - RVC working electrode
  • Rotating Ring Disk Electrode Apparatus
  • Voltammetry CELL STAND with Fardaday cage
  • Custom Design Accessories for your specific needs
H Cell
H Cell
Pt Coil electrode
Pt Coil electrode
Corrosion cell mini
Corrosion cell mini
insitu stuies
Insitu studies cell
2 compartment reaction cell
Reaction cell
Hot zone 900degC

High Temperature  Eis Probe


  • Temperature Range : 100 ~ 900 degC -programmable.
  • Pt Disc Electrode contacts
  • Pt wire connection leads
  • Gas purge inlet / out let facility
  • Sample Temperature measurement facility
  • Ceramic Heating Zone Components
  • Easy sample loading / unloading facility
  • Quartz chamber
Battery Heating chamber
Battery Holders

Many More Customised Design available... Please write to us


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